Cross-media campaign: real-life activation, Facebook activation

Challenge: Introduce the new M&M’s shareable duo-packs with a digital activation that gets young men excited about sharing M&M’s.

Insight: Sharing is not cool- it’s lame. Today’s youth is not surfing the net to contribute to big brand campaigns- they want to mess things up.

Idea: Leverage the destructive desire of young men to make ‘sharing’ the talk of town. We locked up two famous YouTubers in a live vending machine, hooked them to a Facebook livestream, and let them share M&M’s for as long as the Internet wanted them to. Each time someone pressed the share-button online, the M&M’s Share-a-thon was extended for 15 minutes in real life. “As long as you share, we’ll share.”

Result: We shared M&M’s for 34 hours straight - a total of 5570 duopacks. The livestream was extended by the 46,000 interactions it received. We became the talk of town, with a reach of 2.7 million.