Sick of
the game

Sick of
the game

Challenge: Develop branded content that showcases the lifestyle of the Han Kjøbenhavn founders, the uniqueness of this collaboration and the craftsmanship that went into the product development.

Insight: All the models wore Teva sandals during the presentation of the brand’s new collection in 2015.

Idea: The video is about the interplay of Han Kjøbenhavn’s urban roots and the outdoor life that is inextricably linked to Teva. We touch on a facet that is equally important in both worlds: determination.


Selected Works

Fitzroy: The sustainable navy rumProduct & Digital campaign



Doritos: VR BattleDigital Campaign

M&M: Share-A-ThonDigital Campaign

Hyundai: The drive-in closetOutdoor & Digital Campaign

Grolsch: Made with real lemon juiceDigital campaign & outdoor

Doritos: Play boldCrossmedial campaign

Reddy: Mobile appMobile app & digital campaign

KNAB: The figuresCrossmedial campaign

Oikocredit: Made in MalawiCrossmedial campaign

Knab: we work in your favourCrossmedial campaign

Doritos: Street raceCrossmedial campaign

Hyundai Veloster: The viralDigital campaign

Doritos: Jacked driving schoolCrossmedial campaign

Bacardi: Talk to the handDigital & retail campaign

Hero: So why add anything?Digital campaign

BPD: Power of ContentDigital Campaign

A.Vogel: HelpsTV Campaign

Quaker: Breakfast bookDigital Campaign

Teva: Sick of the gameDigital Campaign

Kornuit: CrowdcamDigital Campaign

Scotch & Soda: AirbnbCrossmedia & Digital Campaign

Park BroekhuizenBrand Identity & Digital Campaign