This is the best time to invest in gold

Nov 15, 2022

These turbulent times contain a lot of uncertainties. Making you more careful than ever when it comes to your marketing budget. Understandable. But, one thing is still certain. Investing in gold pays off better than you think.

That's why we at Fitzroy decided to put our credit with our client Lay's a year ago. And to make them a unique promise: Gold. Not in the shape of a chunk, but shaped as an award. An Effie, the most coveted award for the most effective campaigns. That turned out to be no empty promise.

The Lay's Iconic Restaurant Flavors campaign was the most effective Lay's launch of the past decade. Return on investment that you only achieve by investing every euro optimally. Combined with our golden Effie five years earlier, we can cautiously say that in this case, past results do offer guarantees for the future.

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