Big Green Egg: The Evergreen

Big Green Egg: The Evergreen

Challenge: Big Green Egg Europe has asked Fitzroy to develop a campaign to grow the brand in Europe. Big Green Egg is the market leader in the ceramic barbecue segment and wants to strengthen that position. In countries where they’re relative newcomers (Germany, France), they have to build a position.

Insight:The Big Green Egg is the classic kamado. Though there have been plenty of imitators, its quality remains unmatched.

Idea: Fitzroy developed a campaign with as its guiding idea ‘The Evergreen’. Because, just like a timeless song, the Big Green Egg is unaffected by changing times.

In the campaign film, the Big Green Egg is the focus at the moment when three generations within one family come together. We show how, while times may change, being together and celebrating what’s important still connects generations. Just like the Big Green Egg, such moments will always stand the test of time..