Dear Tummy: the love letter to your stomach

Dear Tummy: the love letter to your stomach

Challenge: In a city covered in restaurants, how do you develop a brand for a Western-style premium food retail concept, which is neither a food court nor a supermarket?

Insight: Food is love. And love goes through the stomach.

Idea: We don’t speak to the consumer. We speak to their stomachs. The part of the body in control of your cravings, your obsessions and your mood. All communications are a love letter to the stomach, and start with a signature greeting which doubles as our brand: Dear Tummy.

As a brand, Dear Tummy functions as a guider. We do everything in our power to make good food easily accessible. We cut through the clutter and navigate through the world of food. Our bigger belief is to protect the the positive effects. Untraceable origins, pesticides, yield-driven low-quality production and sloppy executions can all negatively affect our health and mood. That’s why Dear Tummy seeks to solve these issues through the involvement of food artisans and a rich context to the origin of ingredients.

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