Collisions Livestream Battle

Doritos: Collisions Livestream Battle

Challenge: Doritos launched a new product: Doritos Collisions. Two conflicting flavours in one bag. We were asked to make their international campaign locally relevant, with limited budget for production.

Insight: The ‘vlogosphere’ on YouTube is divided in two main subjects: gaming and beauty. Here, there’s only one currency that matters: views.

Idea: We let the worlds of gaming and beauty collide. We put two rival YouTubers, representing each genre, in one video-sized room. During a livestream, they had to battle for screen time. Literally.

The more views their individual livestream received, the bigger their room became. This eventually resulted in them breaking into their competitor’s stream, and stealing more of their valuable screen time. It became a digital tug of war.

87.000 people watched the hour long livestream and left 40 comments per second at peak times.