Doritos: Play bold

Doritos: Play bold

Challenge: Doritos wants to be thĂ© (chips) brand for youngsters. But how do we become relevant to this hard to reach and critical audience. 

Insight: By fully connecting to their perceptions. We claim a domain that is extremely popular among the target audience: gaming. And we confirm Doritos’ position as the ultimate snack for gamers. Throughout the year we bring the boldness of gaming to the real world. Because reality can use some of that gaming. Our mission is to: #playbold.

Idea: We develop online content within the #playbold theme. We start with the Doritos Gamepad Drive: enabling people to drive a real car with a gaming controller. Influencers will race an actual racing driver in an online video. Afterwards we launch the Doritos Drone Race: 1st person racing in a real gaming environment. Influencers will race drones through a specially made parkour. We ask fans to vote for their favourite in an activation.

Result: 24% sales increase.


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