HEYLEYS: Visual Identity & Campagne

HEYLEYS: Visual Identity & Campagne

HEYLEYS: Identity

Challenge: Develop a new brand, a new name, a new platform for all those people who are looking for cancer medication. Either for themselves or for their neighbor.

Insight: Above all, we did not want to show the clinical world. That is why we have chosen a personal name, warm colors and a story that we tell in the form of symbols.

Idea: We have worked intensively with the three other agencies to develop an understandable language not only in text, but also in images. This is how we have chosen the Swedish artist Andreas Wannerstedt, with which we show that medication can ward off cancer cells. This is shown in soft colors so that it remains human. The logo has been constructed out of the 7 supreme doctors in the field of cancer. Each letter comes from a different handwriting.