Naturo: Natural Beauty

Naturo: Natural Beauty

Challenge: Naturo Natural Pet Foods are made with 100% natural ingredients. But how do you convince consumers in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands to pay a premium for something they can’t enjoy themselves?

Insight: A happy pet makes you happy. Well-fed pets are more energetic and more fun to be around with. We translated this insight to our new pay-off: 100% natural, 100% feel good.

Idea: The most natural behavior isn’t always the most desirable or elegant behavior. Especially on the set of a commercial. So, what would happen when we would organize a tightly controlled commercial, where a happy pet is the star? You guessed it: mayhem. And that’s okay. Because that’s natural beauty.

We made three commercials for three different territories where we display pets acting naturally. Afterwards, we hosted a Natural Beauty pageant where fans could send in their own pet at their most natural. The campaign resulted in a tremendous growth of Naturo fans and penetration on the Dutch market.

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