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Challenge: Oikocredit is one of the largest financiers of microcredit worldwide. However, microcredit is currently perceived as an investment with a 'social', but below-average, yield. Our challenge was to emotionally reframe microcredit as an alternative to charitable donating.

Insight: People that receive microcredit are not helpless. They are ambitious people like ourselves, with dreams and plans. They're not asking for a donation- they're asking for a loan.

Idea: Our Asha campaign painted a refreshing and truthful picture of people in developing countries: they would rather have loans than donations. By investing in Oikocredit you can help girls like Asha move forward, without having to lose any money.

The Bollywood-style commercial was shot entirely in India, was directed by Marco Grandia and was produced by Fitzroy in collaboration with Hectic Content Mumbai. The film can be seen on television and online and is supported by banners, DMs and advertorials. 

Oiko – Aasha