Oikocredit: Made in Malawi

Oikocredit: Made in Malawi

Challenge: Oikocredit is one of the largest financiers of microcredit worldwide. Over the past 40 years Oikocredit has been very successful for starting businesses in developing countries and for its investors. Yet few people in the Netherlands know the organisation. Oikocredit therefore has the ambition to double brand awareness and the number of investors in the next few years.

Insight: Financial products are complex and difficult to understand. To show how microcredit really empowers entrepreneurs in developing countries, we need to give potential investors an insight into the complete process.

Idea: Made in Malawi: a campaign for microcredit, made with microcredit. We asked three small business creatives from Malawi, the poorest country in the world, to create our advertising campaign. These entrepreneurs show the Dutch audience their interpretation of how microcredit fuels enterprise and economic independence.

The campaign components, including a TV and radio commercial, were co-developed by Freda, Innocent and Benji from Blantyre, Malawi. Financed by microcredit, they were able to buy a camera, laptop and other tools to produce the campaign.