Available now: Whitepaper Klarna x Fitzroy

Available now: Whitepaper Klarna x Fitzroy

Klarna and Fitzroy joined forces to create RETAIL REMIXED, a Whitepaper about online retail through the eyes of the next gen. Over 1000 Gen Z’ers and Millennials shared their opinions on fintech, the importance of authentic influencers and inclusive imaging in webshops.

“70% say that a brand identity that suits them is the most important condition to follow a webshop.”

We answer burning questions such as: How important is having a purpose as a web retailer really? Does your website interface need to support smartwatches? What are the biggest deal-breakers for the next gen, leaving their order sad and unpaid in their basket?

This Whitepaper will help you kickstart 2020 by conquering the first milestone: winning the hearts of these paradoxical, fragmented target groups. Klarna and Fitzroy save you the desk research and have combined all the must knows into a in-depth white paper plus summary with 8 specific tips.

Any constraints? Nope, it is delivered for free in your mailbox by sending a request to pernille@fitzroy.nl.

Do you want to see more ‘insights magic’ happen in real life? Contact Pernille Kok-Jensen (pernille@fitzroy.nl) for a tailor-made trend presentation at your company or brand.

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Want to book a fast paced presentation about what these shifts mean for your brand? Get in touch with pernille@fitzroy.nl.

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Available now: Whitepaper Klarna x FitzroyWhitepaper: Klarna x Fitzroy

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