Yumeko: Wrongs in the cotton industry.

Big Green Egg: The Evergreen

Challenge: Develop the first big campaign for Yumeko, the sustainable bed linen manufacturer, to generate traffic to their site.

Insight: You’ll come across a manufacturer of bed linen in every commercial break. But how sustainable is that bed linen? We want to open the eyes of the consumers with facts, and show them that Yumeko is the only manufacturer that does right by the environment, the people and the animals.

Idea: In our integrated campaign, published on TV, online and in magazines, we have focussed on a razor sharp fact: Every kilo of non-biological cotton requires 1 kilo of poison. And to think that less than 1% of the world’s cotton is biological. To back up this fact we have used projected images in the bedroom. First these projections show the wrongs, after which we transition to sustainable images. We close with the line: Buy good bed linen.