Way of Working

The Captain

The Beagle sailed the seas in 1931 with Captain Fitzroy at the helm. Accompanied by the curious young biologist Charles Darwin. Who wrote his worldview-breaking work; On the Origins of Species in 1859. Our agency is located in an old nautical school and thus our credo is: Adapt or die!

At Fitzroy we use the Brand Adaptive Model, in short BAM. We believe that it’s vital to analyse the changes in society first. Regarding consumer behaviour, technology and media. Once succeeded, you can develop the correct ‘trigger’ for your story. 

A story that resonates with your target audience. We subdivide the process in 9 different steps:

1. Shifts

What are the (cultural) shifts that influence your product the most? What are the insights (outside in)? And how can we leverage them and turn them into chances.

Fitzroy has her own Insights Director for these shifts and consumer-research.

2. Strategy

What is your brand’s strategy (inside out)? What is its goal (purpose)? Who is your costumer? What are the short term targets and accompanying KPI’s?

If we’re talking startups, we’ll also develop the business strategy, together with Creatinc.

3. Trigger

You need excitement to get your (brand) story out there. Can you lift on certain shifts, challenge the status quo, influence cultural change or sow doubt in right minds? 

These triggers are important and we’ll test them beforehand with the right target groups.

4. Identity

Let your product pop and come to life: In terms of name, visual and verbal identity, smell, packaging and customer flow.

5. Story

What’s the story that will resonate with your target audience based on the triggers? How impactful does your idea need to be?

6. Media

The idea shall be executed according to the brand’s needs: earned media, paid media, activation(s), packaging, spatial/retail, internal (employee’s) and external branding.

7. Impact

Continuously measure the results and alter campaign assets accordingly to realise the set KPI’s.

8. Analytics

Describe the next steps, so you can take them in account every step of the way. One things is certain: ‘The only constant is change.”

9. NPS

 We acquire new clients by creating succesful work for existing clients. We want to understand them, challenge them and help them create impactful presentations for their board of investors. Only then will we make them successful.

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