A. Vogel

Big idea

Fitzroy developed the positioning of A. Vogel. To look forward also means looking backwards. That’s why our strategists foraged through all their old brand documents, their old commercials and their old research files. One sentence stood out: " A. Vogel helps."  That’s how we found the essence of this brand. It helps.


Every asset is created to maximise recognisability.

The moment we walked into the flower gardens of A. Vogel, we were enamoured with the brand. Eight hundred meters away from the flower gardens stands a small factory where all the flowers and stems are milled and processed into pills and cremes. Other brands are always fussy about the origin of their ingredients, A. Vogel just refers to their gardens next door. We highly recommend visiting the gardens with your family.

Green gardens

A background, inspired by the green wealth of the gardens, was created that continuously showed green plants. … 16 television commercials were made; in 2 days. An incredible feat from our friends at Mediamonks.