Burp Wine Book


Buys wine on the basis of the label

At Fitzroy, we love wine. And we know quite a selection of fine wines, if we do say so ourselves. But vinologist, we are not. But, we met Bas Korpel and one of our ideas became reality. Our very own wine book. A book that tells the story of the wine itself, the winery and of course the label. Because a lot of beautiful wines exist that have an equally beautiful label.

Punk design

This book is different from any other wine book. It’s a coffee table book that’s easy to read and filled with interesting facts. It’s designed by our designer Eva and filled with illustrations made by Jur. The book consists of 40 different wines and has been referenced on multiple blogs.


At first, we published the book as a self-published book. It came out mid november 2020 and in six weeks, every single one of the first 1.000 editions was sold out. Eventually, we decided to work together with Bis Publishers to publish the book internationally. The second press edition will release in the summer of 2021.