Stimulate all senses.

Our big idea aimed to position Danio as a disruptive brand that stimulates every sense of their customers. Because it’s not only about bold flavours, it's about the whole experience. Marieke van Balen, marketing director of Danone said: “We challenged Fitzroy to make our brand more now, more modern, to get more connected to millennials. The first campaign on Instagram was a huge success.”


The biggest B-corp of the world.

Danone Dairy Netherlands received the B Corp certificate in 2019 as acknowledgement for it’s unwavering effort to better the well-being of humans and our planet.  This internal and independent way of certifying signifies the quality of social and ecological standards in business and is granted by the independent organisation named B Lab. We don’t work solely for Danio, Hüttenkäse and Danoontje but also it's oncology division that focuses predominantly on nutrition from a medical perspective. Beautiful and thankful work that we’re incredibly proud of.


To bring attention to the new product range “without any added sugars.” from Danoontje, we did a throwback to the most recognisable association with the brand. Which is ofcourse the Powerrrrrr, the little girl and the Danoontje shaped bicep muscle.

Danio Liquorice

An idea by Fitzroy.

Sometimes, you ought to do more than just creating a campaign. You want to show what a brand is made of and provide evidence to support it. Fitzroy always thinks about more than just the big idea. We like to think about the packaging, or even a new product. This is how - keeping the black Danio logo in mind - Danio Liquorice came to be.

Lots of social

It was important to generate more interest from a younger audience for Danio. That’s why we translated every campaign asset for social media use too. Using Instagram’s voting mechanisms and several stickers.