With the soundtrack 'Time of the season'

The soundtrack for the commercial is the iconic Grolsch tune ‘Time of the Season’ and it features several different characters enjoying their beer. The moments where they’re consuming their beers are easily recognisable moments for everyone: after work, after a soccer match, at the end of moving house and after a nice long hike through nature.

At the end of each scene is a subtle twist: the drinking moment is different than pilsner or craft beer, which is usually enjoyed after the action. Because Grolsch 0.0 is different - other than the flavours - because it doesn’t obstruct or pause your day. You can drink it and continue with whatever is planned after.

#Help the Hospitality Industry

Grolsch aimed to support their hospitality partners and give the brand some positive recognisability. Using a Grolsch relevant domain: music, we create awareness and involvement with the Grolsch #helpthehospitaly Live Sessions. Intimate concerts by Dutch Artists from their favourite - now empty - pubs, bars and other hospitality establishments. The concerts were an ode to hospitality and were broadcasted live on every Grolsch social media channel and Zoom. Viewers were urged to support the hospitality industry by purchasing vouchers. 5 live sessions were broadcasted with artists such as Nielson, Miss Montreal, Akwasi, Rob Dekay and Diggy Dex.

Taste Character

A new season has emerged for Grolsch craft beers. We created a campaign to shine a light on every craft beer they produce. Every 3 months, Grolsch launched a new advertising film that was characteristic to a certain season, each time with a befitting seasonal beer. The vibe was solely relaxed, exactly how it should be if we’re talking craft beer.


The personal taste of the Dutch changes in a rapid tempo and craft beers earn a bigger and bigger spot in the hearts of beer consumers.

Ard Bossema, marketing director at Grolsch said: “Grolsch is seen as different, self-willed. We call that character. Character is not something that is led by others. It’s the confidence and conviction to choose your own path. That’s how we always looked at our campaigns. Whether it be about ‘Craftsmanship is mastery’, or ‘There comes a time, there comes Grolsch’ It was always about recognisability, uniqueness and without a doubt Grolsch. That’s what we imposed on ourselves: to create a campaign that is unmistakably Grolsch, and something for us all to be proud of.”

Fan of FC Twente

Grolsch is the biggest supporter of FC Twente. Even when the club didn’t make the premier league, it stood behind it’s club. We made a film, a few days after the degradation, about the iconic people at the club. They all shared their most important moments regarding their club and the rich history of FC Twente. 

The film was meant as encouragement for everyone who loved the club.

“Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to be able to go up again. You’re a supporter no matter what. And Grolsch stands behind FC Twente. Still.”

“Former trainers, the players, the die-hards of FC Twente and even the material man and the canteen ladies. Everyone stands behind the club.”


To make sure everyone knows that Grolsch 0.0% Radler is made with real lemon juice, a print ad was made with real lemon juice. Jaap Sühre, marketing manager Radler, Kornuit & Portfolio brands: “I was sold immediately when the idea was presented. But as it turns out, it’s not as easy as we originally thought. We really ought to make every print ad with lemon juice.”