Special experiences are more important than status.

We collaborated with MARE on an extensive research inquiry. Which showed a large part of young people finding it difficult to actually be young. But contrary to that is a generation that is highly motivated to do everything that life has to offer. They believe incredible experiences are more important than money or status. They view their life as an array of beautiful consecutive moments.

360 degrees

Our domain ‘Made of Moments’ is completely developed with, by and for the target audience. The positioning, the creative, the festival and even the packaging. Everything was done by Fitzroy. When it was presented and some stakeholders couldn’t follow anymore, they became even more excited.

Festival beer

Tactic: reach young people through festivals

To capture a festival way better than existing aftermovies, we let the festival goers film it themselves. The Kornuit Crowd Cam. We hacked a TomTom Bandit and added some extra features and a waterproof shock resistant case. The features, measured things such as G-force, heart rate, distance + speed, temperature and decibels resulted in the perfect portrait of the complete festival.

Special Crate

Everyone throws away plastic consumer waste, on the daily. The crate carrying the Kornuit Beers, is made from this plastic waste. It’s collected, sorted, separated ,and grind down. The plastic that is created from this process, is incredibly strong and perfect for the Kornuit’s cases.