Welcome to you

Made-to-order design furniture brand Leolux wanted to appeal to a new generation of design lovers. We brought together their need for self-expression and authenticity with the quality and outspoken style of Leolux and created a campaign that distances itself from the empty world of design by bringing interiors to life.

Made For Living

Design interior campaigns can often be quite sterile and can lack emotion, while your interior is in fact all about emotion. Your interior reflect on who you are and is meant to be lived in. With our 'Welcome to you' campaign, we showcase the personal side of your interior choices.

Four Word Stories

Leolux creates outspoken and handmade made-to-order pieces that can be fully customized by the customer. Our campaign focuses on your identity by inviting you to embrace yourself and let your colorful character shine through in your interior. To strengthen this feeling, we introduced 'four Word Stories': short poems that link a personal vision to the interior.

Embracing self-expression

We consistently applied this personal feeling in our integrated campaign, which was shown on the NPO and RTL television channels, on on-demand platforms like Videoland, on Youtube, through digital outdoor and on the social channels of Leolux. The stylish and on-point campaign was received with great enthusiasm by our target audience.