Pets really make us happier. They provide better mental health and less stress. A team of renowned British researchers announced this last year. The study showed that animal therapy can influence objective stress measurements such as heart rate and skin temperature. Especially in Corona time. This insight was taken as the starting point for the new international campaign of Naturo Natural Pet Foods: producer of animal nutrition made with 100% natural ingredients. Because animal lovers don't just want the best for their pets, pets also want the best for their owners.

The previous Natural Beauty campaign featured a muddy puppy, a hyperactive dog and a naughty cat. The audience was taken to an immaculate film set in which advertisers try to demonstrate the benefits of Naturo animal feed. The animals didn't exactly hold back.

Mackle Pet Foods' Claire McNally said, “Fitzroy has helped us establish a distinct position in the densely populated animal feed market. Our product is 100% natural, which is incredibly good for both the pet and the owner who can enjoy a happy and healthy companion. ”