Pure goat

Goat Milk

The best nursing milk after breastfeeding.

The name says it all: The Pure Goat company is pure. Biological bottled nutrition based on milk from Dutch goats. This company is 100% pro-goats milk because the owners are 100% convinced that it’s the best option for babies that need bottle feeding. Nothing else is added, that doesn’t add anything.

Jur Baart, owner of Fitzroy: “We love to challenge the challengers. The Pure Goat Company wants to challenge the baby food industry. We challenged Frank and Rogier continuously to do something different. Every brand in this category is super serious. Everything looks alike. All instagram pages are full of stock images. With a sophisticated strategy, a smile and some great design, a new and different baby food brand is found on the shelves.

We were tasked to develop the positioning for this grow-up, consisting of a social media campaign, outdoor campaign and packaging. For the packaging, we chose a more square shape, to be more noticeable. Everything is either white or blue, so we created a rainbow. Something that still grabs the attention of both kids and grown-ups if they see one.

Children Books

We developed 100 different books, or rather book covers, for social media. The title and imagery of the books said something about our product, the process and the people behind Pure Goat. A nice collection of posts on instagram that lead to a lot of smiling faces.


To create some disruptive work, we made an outdoor campaign in Amsterdam, during Pride Week. 3 beautiful couples posed with their babies, couples that couldn’t possibly breastfeed, like these two gorgeous dads.