A new visual identity

The campaign is the first in the new SportCity visual identity developed by Fitzroy. After sports clubs from Fit For Free continue under the SportCity brand name and formula, a visual identity has been developed by Fitzroy that shows SportCity's DNA across all locations.

1 in 7 young people have symptoms of depression, 1 in 3 experience performance pressure, and the stigma surrounding mental problems is still high, even among Gen Z. 75% of mental issues arise before the age of 25. So young people could use some extra support.

Sports are the perfect outlet. Not only because exercise is good for your physical well-being and makes you more mentally resilient, but also because a gym provides fun, structure and social contact. From there came the idea for our S(up)porting campaign: by exercising at SportCity, you can give an ‘UP’ to someone who feels down.

For each new SportCity member, one free membership is donated to the MIND Us Foundation, a foundation working on improving young people’s mental well-being. A minimum of 2,500 memberships for 6 months will be given through the partners of MIND Us. In this way, we are committed to providing a place for these young people to relax and meet others. Thus, the initiative fits nicely with SportCity's goal of making exercise accessible to everyone in a fun way.