The Royal Submarine

Royal boatingservice

For Subway Netherlands, we came up with a striking and playful activation to avoid the crowds during King's Day. In three Subway Royal Submarines, you could travel royally from A to B. All you had to do was order Subway's Royal Sub.

Royals on water

The royal couple went to Rotterdam this year. So, to get the promotion started, we had (fictional) King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima try out the Royal Submarine on the Rotterdam waters. They followed the exact same route that the royal couple will sail on King's Day itself. We leaked this video with Subway and the stunt caused a lot of buzz in Rotterdam and online.

The Royal Submarine

Anyone who has ever been to Amsterdam on King's Day knows that you get sandwiched in the crowds. To avoid the masses on land, we used our three Royal Submarines to transport people to their destination via the Amsterdam canals. These Subway-green eyecatchers caught the attention of many partygoers.

Royal enjoyment

For King's Day, we introduced the 'Royal Sub,' a limited edition Subway sandwich with orange elements. By ordering this Royal Sub for 27 cents via Thuisbezorgd on King's Day, Subway would come to pick you up with one of the Royal Submarines. This way, you could not only avoid the crowds on a submarine but also enjoy royally. We cleverly responded to the needs of the partygoers in Amsterdam and crowned Subway as the taste maker of King's Day 2023.