Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony Chocolonely and Ben & Jerry's have a Chocolate Love A-Fair

Which they celebrate with a love song by Faberyayo and four new products
Two brands that are both fighting for social justice have fallen in love with each other. Ben & Jerry's join Tony's Open Chain to strengthen Tony's Chocolonely's mission to end the unjust and dangerous situations in the cocoa industry. This Chocolate Love A-Fair is a match made in choco heaven.

Made out of love

To celebrate this collaboration, the ice cream and chocolate makers have created 4 new products inspired by each other's most iconic flavors. A new Ben & Jerry's flavor, Chocolatey Love A-Fair is based on Tony's most beloved flavor of all time: milk caramel sea salt and is also available vegan. And 2 new Tony's Chocolate Love A-Fair bars, inspired by 2 famous Ben & Jerry's flavors: the dark milk brownie (Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream) and the white strawberry cheesecake (Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream). The pints will be available at New York Pizza starting September 5, at Getir starting mid-September and will be in stores in October. The bars will also be in stores from early 2023.

Love song met Faberyayo 

The brand new Chocolate Love A-Fair was preceded by some flirting. First Tony’s sang a serenade (Chocolate Love) to Ben & Jerry's. Ben & Jerry's responded with a serenade to Tony's (You Make Me Melt). And to top it off, the couple revealed their love to the public with the duet Chocolate Love A-Fair, featuring Faberyayo (Pepijn Lanen) of the Jeugd van Tegenwoordig.

"We are very proud that we were allowed to sit down and collaborate with, not one, but two of these absolute top brands to bring this wonderful news to the world. A dream come true," said Jur Baart, founder of Fitzroy.

Making the industry more fair together

Joke Aerts, Tony's Open Chain Lead says: "We are delighted to have Ben & Jerry's as a new mission ally in Tony's Open Chain. This not only ensures additional cocoa volumes that are fairly sourced, but the partnership with one of the world's most beloved social impact brands also puts our initiative on the international map and therefore shows that our way works for all companies in the chocolate industry. I am convinced that together we can make great steps in combating modern slavery, illegal child labor, deforestation and improve the lives of many West African cocoa farmers."

Celebration of love

The new products will be officially introduced to the public during the love party on September 1 at Tony's headquarters on the Westergasterrein, where visitors will also have the opportunity to taste all the new flavors. All three love songs are bundled in the Chocolate Love A-Fair EP, available on Spotify via this link.