We are obsessed by insights

so we have our own insight department

A great idea starts with a great insight

Surveys can validate existing knowledge, but they often fall short in uncovering unknown insights. At Fitzroy, we recognize the importance of delving into the real experiences of our target audience. Understanding their thoughts, values, and needs is paramount when marketing a product or service effectively. These elements are deeply influenced by culture, making cultural understanding indispensable.

In our Cultural Insight department at Fitzroy, we prioritize firsthand observations of our target demographic. While this approach may seem less concrete compared to data-driven methods, it provides invaluable context. Data science offers quantitative insights but lacks the why behind the trends, whereas qualitative methods offer depth and meaning. Through a cultural insight lens, we uncover behavioral patterns shaped by culture, often overlooked by others.

We embrace 'the art of looking sideways' to identify these subtle yet significant patterns. Our "Monday Morning Minute" delivers quick trend bites in just sixty seconds, keeping both our agency and clients at the cutting edge. Additionally, we publish quarterly whitepapers on industry trends, providing further insights. For more information, reach out to Pernille Kok-Jensen.

Fitzroy Whitepapers

We’re driven by curiosity and we love to collaborate. That’s why we collaborate with experts, consumers, creative academies and brands to create our quarterly whitepapers. Themes range from the future of food and drinks, to fintech, retail and beyond. Want to collaborate on a whitepaper with us? Reach out to Pernille. She loves to talk.

From branding to blanding

Artemis Academy and Fitzroy have joined forces which resulted in a white paper on 5 shifts in food & drinks. No less than 40 aspiring trend forecasters went to Paris to practice the 'art of looking sideways'. Their assignment: come back with interesting innovations within food & drinks to describe them together with the Fitzroy researchers.


Gen Z wants financial zen

Any expectations you have about young people and their finances can be thrown in the trash. Generation Z is growing up, and with this adult life comes a new way of dealing with money. Young adults have already had to put up with quite a bit, such as the corona crisis, the housing shortage and the current inflation. Some have experienced it themselves and others have seen their parents struggle. Curious? You can download your free white paper here. Happy reading! 


When it comes to the retail industry, there is never a dull moment: Retail trends in 2023

Every year, retailers are faced with new challenges. Sustainability, pandemic lockdowns, new product development, diversity and inclusivity matters, staff shortage, digital transformation and inflation. Just to mention a few. We talked to 10 experts and pinpointed 4 shifts currently influencing retail in the Netherlands and beyond. Curious? You can download your free whitepaper here. Happy reading! 


Retail remixed: The online buying behaviour of the next gen

Fitzroy and payment provider Klarna delved into the world of Millennials and Gen Z to unravel what drives them and how they see the future of online shopping. The result is a white paper called Retail Remixed.The survey was conducted among 1,000 Dutch young people aged 18-30. The insights have been captured in clear language and put into perspective, so that online retailers in particular can benefit from them.How important is it really to have a purpose as a web retailer?

How should you deal with reviews in your webshop if 94% of young people take product reviews from others into account in their purchasing decision. These questions and much more are addressed in Retail Remixed.


The future of food & drinks

A lot is happening in the food sector. Our white paper "Edibles - tasting the future of food and drinks" describes the most relevant shifts within the food industry at this moment. This whitepaper not only introduces you to the concepts of phygital flavors, ethical appetites, elevated animalistics and habitual hijacking, but also shows their impact on your brand.


Monday morning minute

Changemaking at the speed of culture demands a radar that is always on. That's why Fitzroy's Cultural Insights Unit is dedicated to scanning and analyzing societal shifts across industries. Every Monday morning our Insights Director starts the week with a selection of relevant trends, insights and innovations. And guess what, now you can get in on some bite size inspiration too.