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Fitzroy was the captain of the Beagle: the evolution's captain. The man who took Darwin to all his discoveries.


Change is the only constant and people tend to make paradoxical decisions. We believe that brands can only grow, if they are able to tune into ever-changing consumer mindsets.

But how to make sure that you’re ahead of the game rather than just keeping up? Embracing the Zeitgeist, anticipating shifts and catering to new mindsets as they emerge, that is our approach. New game. New rules. Let’s play!


We don’t rock the boat just for the sake of it. And we don’t fix what is not broken. Instead, we identify the existing strengths of a brand, align them with the current context and inject them with new relevance.

This is how we offer the exceptional combination of distinctive & culturally relevant communication.


To make brands adaptable to change, we link the Zeitgeist, consumer need-states and the proven strength of a brand.

To this end, we work closely with our clients and their target audience. For example, we developed Soundboard: a group of aspirational Millennials and Gen Z’ers, who offer their unfiltered opinions as we develop campaigns for young people.

We are also part of the ICOM Network: a community of almost 90 independent, like minded agencies in the world. This way we can serve international customers without missing a beat - and without missing subtle local nuances in different regions.


We believe that anticipating changes in how consumers interact with the world, is a mindset that can be trained and practiced on a daily basis. Our Zeitgeist box was created to help our clients in that process.

The flash cards in the box provide an overview of the 25 most important shifts and 75 emerging consumer values. We use these shifts as strategic triggers for change and open the door to new chances.

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Monday morning minute

Changemaking at the speed of culture demands a radar that is always on. That's why Fitzroy's Cultural Insights Unit is dedicated to scanning and analyzing societal shifts across industries. Every Monday morning our Insights Director starts the week with a selection of relevant trends, insights and innovations. And guess what, now you can get in on some bite size inspiration too.