About us

Our office is a former school for captains. (Robert) Fitzroy was the captain of the Beagle: the evolution's captain. The man who brought Darwin to all his discoveries.


We believe that companies need to adapt to changes. Changes in society, consumer behavior, media, technology, and your employees. At Fitzroy, our strategists closely monitor these changes for our clients. In fact, we have our own model for it.


In our brand compass, we look for the overlap between the changing perceptions of the target audience (outside-in) and the proven strength of the brand (inside-out). This is the model with which we define the emotional connection to make brands as relevant and distinctive as possible.

We have our own researchers who master "the art of looking sideways". They closely monitor significant as well as slighter changes, doing so through desk research, interviews, and hiring experts.


At Fitzroy, we specialize in marketing strategies, positioning, naming, integrated campaigns, content, and identities. We have a team of 5 strategists, 10 creatives, 5 designers, and 5 project managers. 

🏆🏆🏆🏆 Our work in 2022 was recognized with a Gold Effie Award in The Netherlands, a Silver Effie Award in Belgium, 3 SAN Awards, 2 Dutch Creativity Awards, a Clio, and 4 YouTube Awards including a Grand Prix.

We are also part of the ICOM Network: a community of almost 90 independent, like minded agencies in the world. This way we can serve international customers without missing a beat - and without missing subtle local nuances in different regions.


When it comes to our culture, we work hard and we play hard. We are always open and honest when it comes to sharing ideas because we want to be able to move quickly and efficiently.

People who know us say that we are on the cutting edge of the latest trends and cultural shifts. But at the same time, our agency also feels like a family. If you really want to know what our culture is like, you'll have to come work with us... or become one of our clients :)

Monday morning minute

Changemaking at the speed of culture demands a radar that is always on. That's why Fitzroy's Cultural Insights Unit is dedicated to scanning and analyzing societal shifts across industries. Every Monday morning our Insights Director starts the week with a selection of relevant trends, insights and innovations. And guess what, now you can get in on some bite size inspiration too.