From the Sea, for the Future

Mar 07, 2023

Fitzroy developed the Norwegian salmon farmers new positioning, name and visual identity

Fitzroy has developed the positioning, name and visual identity for Mamasea. The ask: to develop a seafood love-brand. The result: a visual identity that balances love and care with unmistakable taste and quality. 

Thinking Like an Indie Brand

The Eide family is the 3rd generation of hands-on Norwegian salmon farmers. They have an open mind towards innovation and technology and an ambitious vision for the future. But above all, love and respect for nature is what shone through. The brand needed to represent a progressive mindset and break from the seafood aquaculture norm. Therefore we approached this challenge as though we were creating an indie brand. 

The Japanese inspired tattoo-like illustration and the lifestyle cues, feel warm and intimate.

Fitting for a brand that is all about caring for the sea and ensuring a safe and healthy future for generations to come.

A nod of approval from the sea

The icon is inspired by Japanese art and the way they humanise waves. The icon is clean and has a repetitive character, which gives it a calm yet powerful appearance. Together with the embracing gesture and the serene face within, the icon represents all that the Mamasea brand stands for.

The face within the icon is the caring, familiar and trusted reminder that we should care for the sea, in the same way that she cares for us. At the same time it suggests a nod of approval, to go ahead and enjoy the goodness of Mamasea salmon, knowing that when it comes from Mamasea, no compromises have been made. 

The logo consists of a wordmark and an icon of the mother of the ocean: Mamasea. As she cares over the ocean and sea life she is projected in a caring way while embracing the (word) 'sea'. The upward movement of a wave has been incorporated into the letter 'a' of the wordmark, making the logo a complete family. 

The name, Mamasea, humanises Eide's responsibility to be more aware of the world's natural resources. While Mamasea’s salmon is undeniably the hero product today, Mamasea is more than salmon. Hence, Fitzroy needed to come up with a name and identity design that will stand the test of time and work with various products.


Product photography : Mamasea / Eide Family
Drone photography : Andreas Kleiberg

The Mamasea brand conveys an almost childlike sense of awe because the sea is full of possibilities and power. Fitzroy believe that this will have a contagious effect and will help ignite sparks of excitement and boost imagination. The ultimate challenge with a personified illustration is to keep it sophisticated rather than childish and to make it beautiful without losing taste appeal. Fitzroy's chosen colour palette of sand, black and coral with pops of blue echoes the hues of the Norwegian fjords and the seafood that live there. It ensures taste appeal and a high end feel, while maintaining indie-brand accessibility and charm.