Madurodam chooses Fitzroy

Feb 14, 2024

Madurodam is breaking new ground; from miniature city to interactive theme park. That's why the family park has engaged creative strategic agency Fitzroy to share that fact with the Netherlands.

The park's new vision was put in place years ago with attractions such as The Dutch Masters, Nieuw Amsterdam, The Flying Dutchman and The Waterwolf. 'People love Madurodam but don't really know it anymore: they go for the miniatures and come home surprised from a day at the theme park,' said Robin Hanraets, Brand Manager of Madurodam, commenting on the choice of Fitzroy: 'There was no need to write a pitch. After a few conversations, we were convinced. You can only entrust the shift in brand perception to the captains of Fitzroy.'

Jur Baart, founder Fitzroy: 'Everyone has been to Madurodam once in his/her younger years. A love brand that still only has the association with miniature. The park has now been transformed and therefore everyone on our team is eager to work for this beautiful brand.'

Madurodam and Fitzroy - part of United Playgrounds - immediately started working together. The first results will be seen before the summer. In July 2023, madurodam chose Somention as its social media agency.