Sleep brand Cloudpillo launches first TV commercial

Feb 08, 2024

Sleep brand Cloudpillo has launched its first TV commercial in partnership with creative agency Fitzroy. The commercial is part of the larger marketing platform "Live your Dreams.

Cloudpillo was founded three years ago by young entrepreneurs Lars van der Wijst (21) and Jens Timmers (22). Now the company is on the eve of their biggest marketing campaign to date. 'We believe that when you get everything out of life every day, you can go to bed every night feeling ultimate satisfaction. We want to help people do that by giving them the best possible night's sleep. So they can get up with fresh energy and make all their dreams come true," said co-owner Van der Wijst.

For the TVC, Cloudpillo partnered with Fitzroy, which previously developed the new positioning and brand identity for Cloudpillo, and production company Holy Fools. The campaign is live on NPO 1, 2 and 3 and online.