Subway and Fitzroy Come Up with a Royal Way to Bypass the Amsterdam King's Day Crowd

May 01, 2023

Three actual submarines from Subway transport you as a royalty through the canals

King’s Day in Amsterdam is a busy one. Being sandwiched in the crowds, Amsterdammers try to get themselves with might and main from A to B. That’s why Fitzroy came up with the Royal Submarine: three green submarines to sail people out of the crowd… through the waters.

To this end, Subway launched a new limited edition sub, The Royal Sub: a majestic sub with orange ingredients. You can order it for 27 cents by using the JustEat app, and you will simply get picked up by a Royal Submarine. So in fact, you order a sub of 15 centimeters and get a free submarine of 8 meters with it. You can then both escape the crowds and enjoy your Royal Sub as a king.

In order to create buzz around the activation, a week before King’s Day, Subway 'leaked out' a video of the king and queen of the Netherlands trying out our Royal Submarine. They sailed the same route in Rotterdam as they would do in real life on King’s Day itself. Our stunt caused some serious commotion in Rotterdam that very day.

Mischa Schreuder, ECD Fitzroy, said: "We let two look-alikes of the royal couple sail around on our Royal Submarine. We immediately realized how much of an eye-catcher our submarine is. In Rotterdam we had a lot of people stopping by and right now it’s all over the press. By tapping into the visitors’ demand we crowned Subway as the crowd-pleaser of King’s Day of 2023."