Lay’s Iconic Restaurant Flavours

The Benelux snack market is saturated. There is little growth in the category and competition is fierce. Lay's has always led the way in taste. But consumers are less and less willing to pay more. Private brands are gaining ground, at the expense of Lay's. Within this highly competitive market, how can Lay's regain its leadership position?

Big idea: Iconic Restaurant Flavours

Eating out is important for the Dutch. Unfortunately, this was no longer possible because of the lockdown. Everyone missed the coziness of eating out and longed for the flavors of their favorite dishes. That's why Lay's introduces the ultimate restaurant experience at home. Three new flavors together with the world's most iconic restaurants KFC®, Subway® and Pizza Hut™: Lay's Iconic Restaurant Flavors.

With a teaser campaign, we counted down to the launch. Then we built awareness with a major multimedia campaign. PR and influencers further fueled the buzz. We even opened our own restaurant on UberEats: the 3 flavors delivered in the packaging of the original dishes. Finally, everyone could vote which flavor should stay. We unveiled the winning iconic flavor with an equally iconic fashion item for the physical and virtual world: The Lay's Crispy Puffer Jacket. The very first jacket made from leftover chip bags and filled with real chips!


The new flavors were an instant success: the factory could not handle the demand and the chips were even resold on eBay. Lay's Iconic Restaurant Flavours thus became the most successful Lay's launch in the Benelux in the past decade!