Dear Tummy, food shopping in Bangkok

Dear Tummy reflects the passionate relationship that we have with our gut: it’s a love letter to your stomach. You could say Tummy has a certain power over us: it has specific cravings, demands attention and can control our mood. However, this relationship is not one-sided: Tummy gives us a lot in return. And when treated well, it lets us reach the highest levels of happiness. As a brand, Dear Tummy functions as a guider. We do everything in our power to make good food easily accessible. We cut through the clutter and navigate through the world of food.

Follow your gut

The link between our stomach and our emotions is the starting point of our brand communications. The relationship between the stomach and our feelings is also reflected by our language: you can have a gut-wrenching experience or feel butterflies in your stomach. 

A love letter to your tummy

The brand seeks to protect the positive effects of food. With its distinct approach, positive tone-of-voice, high-quality processes and transparent value chain. 

All this together ensures that, from this point on, their food will only have positive effects on our mood.