Buy good bedding. Buy Yumeko.

We’re incredibly proud that we can work together with this important social impact brand. We created an integrated campaign to introduce Yumeko to more people. Our goal was to create something that would stand out and be disruptive in each commercial break that’s flooded with other bedding brands. We ended on something distinctive: Buy good bedding. (Koop goed beddengoed, a Dutch wordplay on cheap, which is roughly translated into good and buy.)


Yumeko’s products are made with biologically GOTS certified cotton and wherever possible Fairtrade certified. Yumeko wants to prove that a sustainable business model can work and is convinced that positive societal change can be instigated by brands and their customers.

1 Kilo of poison

We wanted to make a statement in the commercial break. Filled with other bedding manufacturers: “One kilogram of cotton uses 1 kilo of poison.” A clear and sustainable statement.

Also Icons

Next to the integrated campaign, we created a new visual language by designing icons. Because we all know how difficult it is to explain something with words, we now have icons that capture the differences in Yumeko’s process that make them stand out. The theory of Change captures that in 1 image.