La Vie

On September 5th, 2022, Haarlem became the first city in the world to ban meat advertising for environmental reasons. Just a week later, La Vie, the first plant-based meat brand, advertised in Haarlem.

According to Jur Baart from the responsible communication agency Fitzroy, 'Yes, the campaign is a bit of a tease. But for good reason: we are convinced that plant-based bacon is the future. Why the future? Because it is the perfect response to all the tensions associated with the consumption of pork bacon.

The brand tastes just as delicious as pork bacon and we're not making this up - the Technisens Institute tested the taste in June 2022. The product looks just like pork bacon, but it contains no pork, which means we can save those little darlings that we love so much. And everyone can sit at the same table, from Haarlem to Harlem. The production process consumes less water and land, and La Vie emits less CO2. In short, we believe that this brand truly belongs in Haarlem.