Sorry Harlem, you can't ban this ad

La Vie is a new challenger in the meat substitute market. The brand is already active in France and now also wants to conquer the Netherlands and England. The challenge: how can we make an impact in a smart, low-budget way with La Vie's indistinguishable plant-based bacon? So that we stand out among consumers and retailers in the Netherlands and abroad.

Smart idea: Sorry Haarlem, you can’t ban this meat ad

On September 2, 2022, it was announced that Haarlem would be the first municipality in the world to ban meat advertising in public spaces. We immediately seized this moment to introduce La Vie. Through a provocative outdoor campaign for vegan bacon.

With the provocative statements “Sorry Haarlem, you can't ban this bacon ad”, “Finally, no more meats on billboards” and “Nobody wants to see a bacon ad nowadays” we responded smartly and creatively to the upcoming ban. The communications are written in English to maximize PR reach. In this way, the campaign also reached far beyond Haarlem: with just a few dOOH expressions and a press release, La Vie was in the news and we generated a lot of buzz on social media.