How Can We Help You?

The ANWB is best known for its roadside assistance. But ANWB also helps in many other ways. To communicate the full scope of the brand, we have sharpened the brand strategy and developed a big idea based on the new brand essence of the ANWB: to help people.

This has been in their DNA since the organisation was founded; it is a mentality that can be felt in everything it does and in every contact. We have translated this feeling to all communication assets. With a new blueprint for communication, we make it clear that ANWB is always there for you. This way, we broaden the brand in a consistent way from functional product associations to a more emotional role.

For consistency and effectiveness, we have defined distinctive memory structures that are applied in all assets. This way, communication adds up and we build a unique and recognisable ANWB brand.

Domain Campaign Vacation

A road trip, hiking in nature and camping in the wild? Or perhaps glamping is more your thing? Whatever you are looking for or whatever you need during your holiday, ANWB is there to help.

Domain Campaign Bicycle

In this campaign we focus on the pleasure of cycling, we bring the feeling of freedom, adventure and connection to life in a fresh way. By doing so we make it clear that ANWB offers everything you need for your bicycle: from Wegenwacht Fiets to bicycle insurance and a unique e-bike comparison tool.

Home insurance

Home is where you can let your guard down and take it easy- which means accidents can happen. But that's not worth frowning about when ANWB is there to help.

Product Campaign Private Lease

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting a new car. Whatever your reason, with ANWB's private lease offers we can always help you find a car that suits you perfectly.

Product Campaign Wegenwacht

ANWB Wegenwacht does much more than just traditional roadside assistance. They are also there for you if you have a problem with your electric car or bicycle. In an online campaign, we show this other side of ANWB Wegenwacht.


To also reach a younger audience people, we developed the campaign 'The rules of the street' with rapper and producer Sor for the new ANWB Streetwise Traffic Game. With his street credibility, he makes children playfully aware of the traffic rules. Because the street has many written rules, unwritten rules and traffic rules.