Smullers, Dutch fast food chain rebrand

Smullers has 27 locations at stations throughout the Netherlands.

So, when you don't have much time, but you do want to enjoy it. Smullers is there for you. With delicious responsibly fried fries, snacks, milkshakes and soft drinks. What is anyone waiting for?

From a big appetite to a small snack.

Whatever you feel like. That will be Smullers!

Branding on the go

A brand designed to be consumed on the go. Both metaphorically and literally. Bright fresh graphics, tiling patterns and functional colour coding create clear communications for customers on the go to make quick trusted decisions about consuming food quickly.

Good enough to eat

Smullers' extensive food range is brought to life with detail and taste driven photography that zooms into the flavours. With digital experiences eating the food bite by bite...