The care innovation of VGZ

To keep healthcare accessible to all, innovation is essential. That is what VGZ is committed to. But how do we make this tangible for the whole of the Netherlands? So that VGZ can make the difference in the busy price-oriented switching period with a relevant and distinctive message.

Big idea: The healthcare innovation of VGZ

We portray VGZ as the optimistic driver of healthcare innovation. By giving VGZ an optimistic and innovative face in the market. We are introducing Eva Eikhout as VGZ's Ambassador for Healthcare Innovation. Eva is curious, enthusiastic and experienced in the field of healthcare. She makes it tangible how VGZ is renewing healthcare; for her and for the whole of the Netherlands. With a distinctive, human and positive sound.

The campaign was rolled out through PR, TV, radio, online video, social, display, eDM, activations and (non-)branded content. Externally and internally, Eva is the outspoken and recognizable focal point. She collaborates, challenges and taps into relevant themes to emphasize the importance of care innovation. During election time Eva even reflected on social media on the election programs of political parties in the area of innovation in healthcare.


By consistently deploying Eva in a distinctive way, all communication adds up to a maximum, quickly achieving recognition, consideration and conversion. The campaign exceeds all expectations.