Hey Koukleum, time for a Stoov!

Stoov is the Dutch inventor and maker of sustainable heating pads. After a period of primarily functional communication to develop the category, the need arose to differentiate the brand towards consumers. But how do you do that as a relatively young, unknown brand with a product still unknown to many people?

Big Idea: Hey Koukleum, time for a Stoov!

Whether you are hot or cold is very personal. That can make for some discussion when you're together. We cleverly anticipate this: "Hey Koukleum, time for a Stoov!". We bring the 'Koukleum' to life in a recognizable and distinctive way: shivering wrapped in a thick layer of blankets, pillows, scarves and hats. Stoov is the lifesaver that warms not only the Koukleum but also the atmosphere.

On TV, in OLVs, dOOH, display, social, eDMs, internally, activations and influencer content, the Koukleum consistently appears. Online and offline communication thus work together optimally throughout the funnel. We also respond to relevant buying moments such as the holidays. The expressions have impact but are also stylish, befitting a premium product and the style-conscious target group.


By establishing the Koukleum as a property, we have achieved an unprecedented increase in awareness, consideration and preference in a short period of time. Stoov is the market leader, the preferred brand and synonymous with the category.