An ode to the Frosty

From the idea ‘we warm people’, we created a European brand campaign in which we bring an ode to Frosty.

Stoov is the Dutch creator and manufacturer of sustainable heating pillows. After a year of focusing on raising brand- and category awareness, we developed a new, unique campaign to make Stoov recognisable and distinctive. 

Women generally feel 2 degrees colder than men 

One feels colder than the other. Women, for example, usually feel two degrees colder, due to different muscle composition, hormone fluctuations and blood flow. But, of course, your home only has one thermostat, which can cause quite some frustration, making your couch potato evening a lot less fun. Stoov sees the Frosty and offers a solution, from the idea warm yourself and not the planet.

Frosty costumes

We wanted to connect with our target audience in a recognisable, distinctive and fun way. In our European brand campaign, Stoov claims the Frosty by portraying it humorously. Together with Deux Amsterdam, we created three Frosty costumes to let the Frosty phenomenon come alive. Covered in a thick layer of blankets, pillows, scarves, beanies and other warming materials, the Frosty sneaks to the thermostat or shivers on the couch next to their partner. Fortunately, Stoov offers the solution, which not only puts the Frosty out of their misery but also warms the ambience.

“The campaign could cross borders; it has been tested and was received with a smile. Together with Fitzroy, we worked on the campaign with lots of love and joy. We are proud of the final result" said Ilse van Loon, Brand & Communications Director at Stoov®.