Hand crafted non alcoholic spirits

OPIUS originates from secret techniques used in the world of alchemy. From reviving old lost methods and deciphering ancient manuscripts. Mystical craftsmanship resulted in a unique method, retrieving primal essences from botanicals known to stimulate the mind and body.

A tale worth telling

Master Distiller, Prof Dr. B. Sas, has carefully selected only the best botanicals and spices to create three mood-enhancing spirits – each linked to a phase in the creation of the Elixir of Life. Every batch, 200 bottles at a time, is handcrafted with an obsession for temperatures and timings. This results in a complex yet balanced taste with a unique body and after-bite – which is to everyone’s surprise (OR “by the way”) 100% alcohol-free.

True alchemical language

The OPIUS branding employs authentic alchemical symbolism to convey hidden truths about the brand and products.  All the icons and glyphs used throughout the OPIUS designs are real and sourced from genuine, ancient manuscripts.