You never have to say sorry.

We were tasked to create a big idea for Naïf. After several conversations with the founders, Jochem and Sjoerd, we concluded it needed to be above all simple to understand. Without any fuss. Just like their products. This became ‘Worry-free’ accompanied by an illustrated style.

Poo Pee

Baby wipes. It’s a dirty business. And we’re not talking about cleaning baby bottoms. Above 90% of all baby wipes contains plastic. And not only the packaging, but the wipes themselves. Every second, 14.000 baby wipes are being used and an insurmountable amount of plastic ends up in nature.


The first contact we had with this beautiful brand was an immediate collaboration with Rens Kroes to promote the face products. A beautiful campaign that did its job well, but after that we switched to the more daring illustrative style.