Naif, yes we are.

Things are going well for Naïf, but after a number of years of certain growth, the brand is reaching a tipping point. More is needed to grow even further nationally and internationally.

The problem: not all parents know the brand or the importance of good care for babies & children and the planet.

The challenge: reach as many parents as possible without sky-high budgets and ultimately convince them to make a sustainable choice for Naïf.

Big idea: Naïf, yes we are

All baby care brands have been doing the same thing for years: showing photos of happy mothers and babies. As a challenger we must increase the distinction. That's why we go back to the core of the brand: focussing on the uninhibited naivety of children. We make it clear that a little naivety can change the world positively: 'Naïf, yes we are'. A thought that is rolled out in all channels - for all products - in an impactful way. Both in copy and illustrative style. With the necessary humor and of course naivete.

With striking, playful expressions we have a continuous and consistent presence in outdoor, radio, online and the shop floor. With products and the brand at different times of use with relevant content such as blogs, online videos, influencers, events and surprising activations.


With a modest budget, we have made the Naïf brand extremely visible in a short time. Naïf proves that mission-driven marketing pays off: since the start of the campaign, market share has doubled and turnover has almost tripled! An always-on campaign with impact for a brand with impact.