The sound of your Interrail adventure

For the 50th anniversary of Interrail, we developed Soundtracks. An impactful brand activation that is memorable, emotional and connects with the audience on a deeper level. Soundtracks is a real-time, adaptive audio experience that responds to the traveler's location, time of day, landscape and weather. And thus creates a unique, constantly changing soundtrack for each individual traveler on Interrails total European rail network.

"One of the best things about train travel is just sitting down and watching the beautiful landscapes slowly glide by," explains Fitzroy, Interrail's creative agency. "We thought, how great would it be to have a real-time generated soundtrack that changes with your journey. Day becomes night, the track changes. Countryside gives way to mountains, the track changes. It starts to rain, the view from your window changes, so the music responds to that. All in real time, for every Interrail traveler on the total network."

"We are very excited to offer Interrail travelers an even more beautiful and memorable journey than ever before with SoundTracks," said Kavita Kooijman, Brand Manager at Interrail. "We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Interrail Pass throughout the year, and wanted to offer our travelers something unique this summer to celebrate how wonderful it is to discover Europe from the train."

New visual identity

We developed a new visual identity for Eurail. An impressive brand that inspires their customers and makes them curious. This requires a clear and bold logo. We did this by using curved lines and playful yellow accents. With the developed Eurail patterns we wanted to show the emotional pleasure of traveling.