A better morning with Campina

For Campina, we have developed a 360 communication platform: "For better mornings." Campina is committed to a better morning for everyone with a delicious and nutritious breakfast. Additionally, with various sustainable initiatives, Campina is working hard towards a better future morning.

The morning person

We kick off with a campaign about Morning People. Research shows that only one in four Dutch people is naturally a Morning Person, while a good start can make a difference for the entire day. That's why we encourage the Netherlands to ‘awaken’ the Morning Person within themselves and get more out of the morning.

Snooze time

The campaign includes TV, online, and radio commercials, as well as social expressions. In addition, we have developed an activation campaign. Research also reveals that the average snooze time for the Dutch is a whopping 17 minutes. Through online channels, Campina encourages the Netherlands to spend this time differently. Several well-known Dutch individuals will take on the challenge to get more out of their morning. With tutorials from experts - soon available in an online environment - we provide everyone with the tools to achieve their goals.