Golden Effie

A golden Esprix and a Spin Award

Our mantra: Gamificate everything.

#playbold is a campaign platform that aimed to position Doritos as more relevant and local among young people. The brand used to have a small role in the daily life of young people. #playbold was a new course, that revolved around rigorously involving the target audience. This was achieved by using influencers, activations and online content. The best example are the Doritos VR Battles, where a branded virtual reality game was the centre of attention.

VR Battle

We challenged two popular Youtubers to go head to head in a Doritos world and to share their report. After that, we gave everyone the chance to try it on a special VR day. On that day, we officially launched the game. And lastly, we created a mobile version that could be played by everyone, played with cardboard VR glasses, including battlepacks that were shaped like Doritos bags to get special extra weapons and such.