What an insane achievement! The highly ambitious goals in communication and sales were massively exceeded in this incredibly challenging FMCG segment. Doritos played it bold. And won. This is what makes this profession so insanely fascinating - being engaged with marketing and communication in this manner.

Daring strategy

The daring strategy - 'Gamificate Everything' - was translated into an equally daring creative concept: #playbold. In other words, everything for the target audience of Hyper Lifers was drenched in a thick gaming sauce. With a focus on online, periodic Hero moments were developed, and via social media, a multiplier dialogue was established to create the broadest possible interaction between Doritos and the target audience. That's the hallmark of the campaign: the beautiful blend of brand content, influencer content, and user-generated content. And it takes courage to relinquish control over communication to a significant extent. The TVC might seem like an odd one out in this environment, but many gamers are part of a 'regular' household. The relatively modest campaign and production budget was invested sharply. Everything aligns perfectly.

Ridiculously good result

The brand power undoubtedly contributed to the overwhelming result, although that aspect deserved a slightly sharper justification. The fact is that Doritos has excellently leveraged brand power commercially, resulting in these staggering behavioral figures. Mind you, without any significant promotional pressure, as the GfK figures indicate. So, we're talking about a 3% market share growth per year (from 40% in 2013 to over 50% in early 2017). In other words: nearly four million more bags of Doritos per year than before the campaign period started. In other words: almost a doubling of the number of bags sold per store. That's dope, wicked, bold!

Sharp-focused strategy, daring and consistent creation, ridiculously good result.