To climate march with pan and ladle

To call attention to our failing food systems. Sunday, June 19 was the Climate March in Rotterdam. The climate crisis affects us all, but people in poor countries are already paying the price. There are food shortages due to droughts, floods and crop failures. 3 billion people are affected by this every day. The food system is responsible for a whopping 37% of total global CO2 emissions!

Making some noise

As an organization for international cooperation, Cordaid called on everyone in the Netherlands to come to the Climate March, and to bring a pan and ladle to make as loud a noise as possible in order to wake up politicians. At people can read more about Cordaid's motives and sign the petition. There are also window posters to download and gifs that people can use on Instagram. The petition will be presented to the government in November. Those who missed the Climate March can still sign the petition.

Don't look away

Many of the lives that were lost in the build-up to the Qatar world cup were from countries in which Cordaroid operates. In order to prevent such a tragedy from repeating in the future, they wanted to make sure the names of the migrant workers did not go forgotten. We created a commemoratory footballers rouwband— one for each of the 6500 migrant worker’s lives who were lost. Because to ask people to stop watching won’t make a change— rather, we must not look away.

Across all fields of play.

To voice their names louder, we made the rouwband available on FIFA.