Fitzroy Navy Rum


The first 'environmentally responsible' rum

Drinking away a problem has now become a viable option. Introducing Fitzroy Navy Rum - not only the world's first sustainable rum label, but according to many renowned design blogs, one of the most impressive and thoughtful products they've seen in a long time. With the concept, we wanted to encourage people to rethink the cycle of consumption. And to also contribute by drinking. Responsible and with a noble purpose.


The rum takes its name from Robert Fitzroy, the captain of the Beagle who navigated the one and only Charles Darwin to his destinations. The alcohol is special because it combines a "navy style" recipe with age-old methods to create a dark and heavy yet smooth drink that blends flavours from Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad.


These are the Coca Cola labels that are used for the cap and which washed up on the Dutch coast. With the help of volunteers, we not only cleaned the beach, but also processed the labels into plastic caps. The caps were worked to resemble marble.

120 blogs

Our rum has been featured on more than 120 blogs worldwide. We were seen by a leading trend watcher as a new shift: "upcycle". Making a much nicer product from old materials. We were approached a lot, to roll out the rum on a larger scale. Unfortunately, this did not work due to the expensiveness of the cap.