Sustainable communication for a sustainable product.

1.5 billion plastic toothpaste tubes end up in landfills or as pollution in the ocean, annually. Smyle dental care products contain zero plastic or microplastics, finally giving consumers the choice to brush without leaving a footprint.

Our mission is twofold— to get more Smyle products onto store shelves & into consumer bathrooms, and to spread their sustainable philosophy as widely as possible.

A new generation of brands calls for a new generation of advertising—  it should embody what the brand stands for. Smyle’s sustainable products leave nothing behind, and neither should their messaging.

We drew in the sand and walked in the snow, creating billboards that disappear once they have served their purpose for a product that does the same.

The first edition was created by a sand artist during low-tide: ‘The Wash-Away Billboard’. It did just that a few hours later, but not before we captured & shared it, leading to public buzz and recognition.

Most recently, we collaborated with Snow Artist Simon Beck who, by creating 135,000 footprints, helped us set a world record: The World’s Largest & Cleanest Billboard. Made temporary by a night's snowfall, yet remembered with a beautiful making-of film.

By translating Smyle’s philosophy into ads, we achieved much press, exponential brand awareness, thousands of new contracts with retailers, and helped the brand earn recognition as one of the ‘Coolest Dutch Brands’. Our Wash-Away billboard was recognized with a silver Dutch Creativity Award and by the Youtube Awards.