Gisou identity & packaging

Gisou by Negin Mirsalehi is born out of a passion for honey bees and haircare. They launched with their iconic Honey Infused Hair Oil - a multi-purpose hair oil infused with Mirsalehi Honey.

Honey infused hair oil

The signature ingredient of Gisou is the honey from Negin's father’s bee garden. After researching honey, she understood why it was doing such a phenomenal job on her hair. Its many benefits were truly mind-blowing.

Raw and wild

Honey feels like a magical product – especially when we realize it takes over 60,000 bees collectively traveling up to 55,000 miles and visiting more than 2 million flowers to gather enough nectar to make one pound of honey. Furthermore, the nectar the bees collect from each type of flower is what determines the honey’s composition. The honey from the Mirsalehi bee garden contains multiple floral sources, of which a few are: Thistle, White Clover, Wild Blackberry & Fireweed.