Helping reduce food waste via irrational love.

Heinz lovers make foods they otherwise would discard delicious by dolloping ketchup on top, in turn helping reduce food waste. Our goal was to pay homage to the way Heinz enhances flavor within the brand’s Irrational Love platform.

The idea

Three distinct time periods within the brand’s history inspired our print ads, in which we depict Heinz being used on food that would have gone to waste. A child in the 1920’s enjoys her detested brussel sprouts, a woman in the 1970’s makes something of the leftovers in her fridge, a student in 2024 turns last night’s dinner into today’s breakfast– all this thanks to irrational love for Heinz.

Execution & Results

We used the power of AI when executing this work, allowing us to go live with the work on international ‘Stop Food Waste Day’.

Our work premiered at Amsterdam’s Centraal Station and Dam Square. The campaign attracted a lot of free PR, enabling people across the world to learn the history of Heinz while being reminded they can turn un-preferable foods into something delicious, in effect helping reduce food waste.