Sabor Verde branding & packaging

Sabor Verde only harvest 100% deliciously fresh and ripe avocados that have the perfect texture and flavor. They believe that perfect avocados are best served pure in combination with only pure and fresh ingredients. Therefore they don’t use any other additions such as dried ingredients, water or e-numbers. 100% clean, 100% pure and as fresh as it gets.

Great Tasting Products

Sabor Verde offers six amazing flavour varieties. Smashed Perfect Avocado, which contains 99% pure avocados and chunky and crushed perfect avocado which both contain 100% pure avocados. Chunky Guacamole in three flavour varieties, all with 100% pure and fresh ingredients.

The Quetzal

The avocado bird. One could state that the Quetzal is our partner in crime when it comes to avocados. As the bird spreads the seeds, Sabor Verde is able to make the world healthy with delicious and perfectly ripe avocados.